JIM WELLMAN is a British musician best known for his work with the BRAND NEW HEAVIES. He was a founder member of the band back in 1987 and in between work with them he found time for a number of solo projects including his 1994 album ‘Time And Space’ on which Jim collaborated with Roy Ayers.

Back in 2014 Jim made the big decision to quit the music business but world events (in particular the situation in Ukraine and what he saw as gross misreporting by the media) drove him back to the studio to make new music which would express a degree of dissent and allow him to pose pertinent questions.

That new music is now available as the album ‘Dawn to Dusk’ and Jim’s the first to admit that despite the superficial, smooth soul soundscape, the 12 tracker isn’t an easy listen… it’s not meant to be!

Jim says; “The album is social commentary, but viewed through perspectives of human psychological evolution, and analysis of mass communication and propaganda. The core of the work is the understanding that Man lives in a world of amazing technological development, but is still encumbered with medieval forms of government by representatives who serve mainly the interests of the elite. With the net, and a completely new concept of two way mass communication for all, the ability of the oligarchy to manufacture consent for its interests has suffered and cracks are beginning to show.”

Key cut seems to be ‘Let The People Rule Ya’. Lyrically it speaks for itself while the sound – especially the intro – takes its inspiration from the ‘What’s Going On’. Elsewhere the overall sound is the sound of smooth soul with in places a hint of Steely Dan (‘Night Of The Meme’) and even Prefab Sprout (‘Cynical Century’)

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