FROGGY AND THE TOADS are a self-proclaimed jazz/funk/blues/rock guitar-led threesome, comprising Gaetano Letizia (guitar), Wilbur Krebbs (bass) and Mike Clark (drums).

September 4th sees the release of the eponymous nine track long player and to keep things consistent with their name each of the tunes focuses on the titular amphibian.

So the opener is ‘Toad Funk’ and the closer is ‘Big Voodoo Daddy Toad’ and in between we get things like ‘Toad Kisses’, ‘Toad Girls’ and ‘Frogoldyte’… you get the picture?

Musically the overriding texture is bluesy with Letizia’s cutting guitar out front on all the tracks. Even over just nine cuts the titular joking wears a little thin, though mood wise there is some relief from the blues blast with the sweeter aforementioned ‘Toad Kisses’ and the Latin shuffle of ‘Frog Tacos’.

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