Ghana-born but UK-based singer/songwriter, MYLES SANKO certainly believes in future planning! He’s readying his next album … due Spring 2021! In the meantime to keep us happy and maintain a profile he releases the LP’s first single this Friday, September 18th. It’s a sweet and sprightly workout, ‘Freedom Is You’. Self-produced and co-written with long time band mate Tom O’Grady (from Resolution 88), Myles tells us that song  is personal and celebrates his deep love for music. He says: “This song is about my relationship with music. Music is my freedom, music gives me purpose, music makes me feel alive, it completes me and I will be forever grateful to have found it. If I had never found music I would have been truly lost in my early years and God only knows the person I would be today.”

Musically, the song is uplifting, insistent and features an eight piece choir on bvs and a wonderfully bonkers jazz piano break. Great  spirit lifting stuff.  We look forward to the album… good job we’re patient! If that’s a virtue that you lack  catch the video to Myles’ ‘Freedom is You’ in our “one to watch” video box (right/bottom of page depending on your device)