How time flies! It was back in 2018 when we first enjoyed the collaborative efforts of a team of top UK soul men… members of Beggar and Co, Hi Tension, Central Line and Light of the World.  Marshalled by soul entrepreneur Fitzroy Facey, they came together as BRIT FUNK ASSOCIATION and charmed us with their ‘Full Circle’ album which was followed two years later by the equally classy ‘Lifted’ LP.

Thus we’re delighted to announce that the collective are lining up a new album, ‘Ancestral Voices’ – due very soon. In time honoured fashion the band have just unleashed the lead single – a tight and energetic, ‘Freedom Dancin’’. Penned by main men Kenny Wellington and Frank Felix, the tune harks back to the golden age of Brit Funk, but with Mr W at the helm, you’d expect nothing less. The insistent cut clocks in at well over five minutes and features chanted vocals, a deep bass line, bouncy brass fills and wild horn soloing! Hear all kind of influences going down – the Crusaders, the Blackbyrds and prime time Kool and the Gang; essentially though it’s the Brit Funk gang at their experienced best!

This ‘Freedom Dancin’’ augers well for the ‘Ancestral Voices’ album. The  title , by the way, highlights the fact that the music on the set is a reflection of what has driven Brit jazz/funk over the years! The LP, we’re told,  will feature covers of tunes from the AWB (‘Pick Up The Pieces’) and Ronnie Laws (‘Almost There’) alongside plenty of quality orignals. In the meantime, get on up and try some ‘Freedom ‘Dancin’’.  Recommended!