MADAME FREAK AND THE FUNKY FEVER are an eclectic French group of Funkateers fronted by powerhouse vocalist JESSI TEICH and they’ve just unleashed their debut album – the energized ‘Follow The Crack’.

The 11 tracker – out now on Madame Freak Records – offers a varied sweep of Funk-based sounds that range from the JB-inspired sparse and brassy ‘Funky Bouriel’ and ‘Like It Or Not’ through to the very Gallic ‘Ritournelle’, ‘Ride It’ and The Last Waltz’… accordions a go-go! In between there’s blues-based rock in ‘Chaos’ and plenty of Euro style electronics going on…. eclectic, yes and very enigmatic with Mademoiselle TEICH singing her socks off throughout.

Other band members are LAURENT DERACHE, MARTIN WANGERMEE and OURIEL ELLERT and between them they cook up “quelque chose de different”… and if “different” is what you want, find out more @