Of Iranian heritage, AMIR is a UK singer/songwriter with a soulful penchant. Judge just how soulful via his latest single, ‘Freak Of Nature’. Amir says: “The song is about not being afraid to embrace your differences and learning how to use our them as a wonderful excuse to celebrate individuality. Everyone’s uniqueness should be celebrated and seen as their ultimate strength”.

That  theme stems from Amir’s own experiences. Since making music his career, he’s encountered various hardships. Working with previous teams led to a crisis of identity and a pressure to conform to perceived ideas of “British Asian” artists. It’s a discourse he’s glad to see the back of and hopes to inspire others to claim their individuality.

Sonically, ‘Freak Of Nature’ is Amir’s take on contemporary electro soul/funk (think maybe Bruno Mars) and the tune is taken from his latest EP. The song also comes in an urgent and tight Brian Power remix that will probably suit the soul crowd better than the original.