Music entrepreneur JASON KING is the brains behind new studio super session group COMPANY FREAK.

King began in the music biz working with mogul Clive Davis, becoming Director of Innovative Music at New York University. This was in the Golden Age of NY Disco and Jason was enraptured by the whole Golden Ball thing… the glamour, the drama, the sophistication and the throbbing music…. and that passion has remained with him ever since.

A couple of years back, living in Asia, King decided to embark on a crusade to recreate the best of disco and he began putting together a group of musicians who could help him deliver. Amongst his musical recruits were Steve Rodriguez, James Rohlehr, Hubert Eaves III and vocalists Shayna Steele, Jocelyn Brown and Sarah Dash. Collectively the ever-expanding ensemble became Company Freak and they’ve just released a debut 7 track EP – ‘Le Disco Social’.

Company Freak’s sound is fast and furious – a mix of the best of Giorgio Moroder and Chic with a contemporary dash of glam bands like the Scissor Sisters. Hear it at its best (logically, I suppose) on ‘Theme From Company Freak’. It’s big and brash with a classic loping bass line and great vocals from Vivian Reed. ‘Andre Leon Talley’ (very, very Chic) is a sweeping disco homage to US fashion superstar, Talley, while the title of ‘Sexaholic’ says it all. ‘Istanbul Disco’ offers much more exotic flavours while if you like mellow try the lovely ‘Seasons Change’ which embraces the sounds of outfits like Midnight Star… quite lovely.

‘LE DISCO SOCIAL’ from COMPANY FREAK is out now on US label Superlatude