Last month US singer/songwriter RUDY DE ANDA announced the upcoming release of a new album, ‘Closet Botanist’. The album was heralded via the single, ‘WYD’ (what you doing?)’  – an unprepossessing, chilled out, throwback sound.

The album is due very soon – April 28th. – but to keep appetites whetted Rudy’s team at Colemine/Karma Chief Records have just issued another single – ‘June  Gloom (Smilin’)’. Yes, there’s a touch of sadness about the song but it won’t bring you down. The message is “keep on smilin’ through” and the simple, sweet sound of the song will help you do just that. This ‘June  Gloom (Smilin’)’ is no envelope pusher; rather, a gentle, simple paean to lost love delivered In best blue-eyed soul tradition.