Was there ever a better soul duet combo than Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell? The pair cut countless classics before Tammi’s life was taken at far too young an age. We should be thankful for what she left us in terms of her musical legacy and amongst that legacy is the tremendous ballad with Marvin, ‘Your Precious Love’.

That wonderful  tune has just been revived by Detroit sax man DUANE PARHAM and he does a great job. Like  the original, it’s a duet – but with a difference. It’s a duet  between Duane’s mellifluous sax lines and a properly emotion-tugging vocal from  Tammy (Trele) Davis. Between them they offer a 21st century twist on a real classic.  The release’s putative B side is a soulful, smooth jazz sax groove, ‘My Turn’.

Mr Parham, by the way, is a leading figure on the current Detroit music scene  and last year he  won the Detroit Black Music Lifetime Achievement Award. And such is his status in the Motor City that he can call on people like the 4 Tops to work on his  discs. That legendary band will appear on Duane’s upcoming album entitled ‘Sugar Melts’ from which ‘Your Precious Love’ is taken.