THE REEL PEOPLE team have been crafting their own very special brew of soul and dance music for over a decade! To celebrate, the Reel People people are about to unleash a very special album collection of the very best of their remixes.

The set is stuffed with a more than generous 24 tracks that illustrate the breadth of the work they’ve done. Here, there’s everything for the discerning dancer – great modern soul, uplifting soulful house and foot-tapping broken beats. However, whatever tune they’ve been asked to work on Oli Lazarus and his crew always retain the integrity of the original material.

Here you can enjoy Reel People tweaks on tunes from legends like Leon Ware, Incognito, Maysa and Randy Crawford and Joe sample (it’s that duo’s ‘Respect Yourself’ that’s given the makeover and even the most curmudgeonly soul conservative couldn’t deny they’ve done a great job!).

One of the great things about Lazarus’s boys, though, is that they lavish the same care and love when remixing material from relative newcomers. Amongst the best of the “newies” on offer here are L Young’s remarkable Steve W sound-alike, ‘I Love My Girl’, Muzart’s sparkling ‘The Party After’ and ‘Fizzy Lemonade’ from one of this year’s most promising newcomers, Debra Debs.

Everyone will find their own special favourites amongst the 24 selection. Me, I’m a sucker for Tony Momrelle’s ultra soulful vocals and keep coming back to the 7 minute mix of ‘Fly’. The Soulful House crowd, however, might opt for The Layabouts’ ‘Do Better’ or BSTC’S ‘Love It’. Whatever, you’ll be opting for quality, soul-led dance music…. and if you want it all in one sweeping slice of dance magic, then there’s also a one hour bonus mix of almost everything put together with real love by Mr. Lazarus himself.

Many of these tunes have been anthologised before (most notably on ‘Soul Love 2014’), but when they’re all together like this, you realize what the Reel People have achieved. Happy tenth anniversary!

The digital album will be available from September 22nd and you can learn more @