Since last autumn  we’ve followed the trajectory of  THE NEW VISIONARIES  – a multinational music collective made up of Australian musician JOEL SARAKULA and Dutch muso PHIL MARTIN. We’ve enjoyed three varied singles –  ‘Summer Rain’ with soulful vocal from Hannah Williams, an exotic ‘Desert Disco Nights’ and a sweet ‘Sunshine’. All were simple and unprepossessing – and the better for that, and they’re featured prominently of the Visionaries new, just out album ‘Roadmaps’. (for the youngsters out there – Roadmaps were a primitive form of Satnav!)

‘Roadmaps’ is a non-genre-specific, ten tracker that presents the laid back, simple three minute sounds  that the first three singles offered. To create their sound Phil handled drums, percussion, keys, bass and guitar while  Joel  played keys, bass and guitar;  they managed to flesh out most of the arrangements in Phil’s studio, packed with vintage instruments including old Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, synths, Hammond organs and iconic Gibson guitars.

Guest performers were called in only when absolutely necessary: Hannah Williams lent her vocals to first single ‘Summer Rain’, while Peter Broekhuizen plays the flute on ‘Firecracker’and ‘Spiritual World’, Cees Trappenburg adds his touch on horns for ‘Scandinavian Railways’ and ‘Interstellar Bachelor Pad’, Yolande KalbandMargriet Groenhofcontribute as background singers on several tracks.

Between them all they create an intriguing sound and little wonder they need a map – the band can go from the starkness of  ‘Scandinavian Railways’ to the warmth of ‘Brasiliance’ in the space of a couple of tracks!

NEW VISIONARIES; Roadmaps out now via Lovemonk Records.