British musician and sometime Abbey Road studio engineer ANDREW WOOD MITCHELL is busy working on new album – the follow up to his 2022 set ‘Merlin’s Bones’. The new set is to be called ‘Gyneth and the Quantum Space Thingy’. We’re told that  the music accompanies an interactive fitness programme. Intrigued? Well the album’s theme is even more intriguing – it’s the story of community on board a space station on a five year research tour. To counter the boredom of life within tight confines they create  a space age version of the old Arthurian tale of Gawain and the Green Knight. They also undertake daily exercises to prevent the atrophy of muscle wasting. Like we said, “intriguing”.

However, the set’s first single isn’t as complex, spaced out or even as “weird” as that synopsis and art work (above) suggests! The track is a bright and breezy ‘Follow’. Crisp and catchy, it sits on the cusp of pop and commercial soul and it will set feet tapping – on earth and on that space station! Out now!