DIANE BIRCH is an  American singer-songwriter and pianist who, over the last decade or so, has won herself a coterie of devoted fans charmed  by her eclectic and vibrant music that reflects the diversity of her upbringing and early career. She’s  grew up a preacher’s daughter in Zimbabwe and South Africa before  living her transformative years as a gothic teen amidst the cultural artistic melting pot  of Portland, Oregon. Then she spent time in London, New York and Beverly Hills – latterly playing her music and soulful covers in swanky lounges and bars.

If that intrigues you, you may want to check out Ms Birch’s new album ‘Flying On Abraham’. We need to say that it’s not a soul album but it is soulful in the same way  that the music of people like Carole King resonates with the soul crowd.

Reflecting her roots and influences,  the 10 tracker is a sonic cocktail – you’ll hear echoes of ’70s AM radio, soul, jazz, classic rock, ’80s/90’s pop and even R&B. Immediate grabbers are ‘Used To Lovin’ You’ and the clever, Laura-Nyro-flavoured, ‘Jukebox Johnny’.

All the songs are self-penned and deeply personal. Production’s down to English musician Paul Stacey, known for his work with Noel Gallagher and the Black Crowes, and the album was recorded in England – thus Ms Birch describes ‘Flying On Abraham’ as “American music with an English sensibility”. This one’s released April 12th via Legere Recordings.x