S.E.L is the working moniker of a young UK soul singer, Emma Louise. She adds “soulful” to her name to get S.E.L…. geddit? Anyway, last spring she impressed all and sundry with her debut EP, ‘UK Soul’ from which the lead single, ‘Elevation’ was particularly tasty and championed by a goodly selection of soul tastemakers. One such tastemaker was dear old DJ Spen who remixed the track twice over; one tweak with soulful house mix meister Michele Chiavarini.

Well now Spen and Michele have gotten their hands on little Emma’s newest track, ‘Flowered Tears’ and produced a wonderful modern soul dancer that is bob on the current soul vibe but with its roots in the great days of the 80s weekenders. The lyric helps too – full of hope and optimism.

The catchy rug cutter deserves to do well; it ticks all the boxes and Emma is a right little grafter. Classically trained she’s worked with people like Soul II Soul, Alicia Keys and Jocelyn Brown and managing herself, she’s determined to do well. Oh, and she’s also pregnant right now – so congrats on two fronts… great record and new baby on the way!