SOUL FLIP is a leading UK vinyl issuing label that’s been in business since 2018. It’s run by DEL GAZEEBO and ALDO VANUCCI. The  former works out of Brighton while the latter’s based down in Plymouth but with the wonders of technology they work beautifully together and between them they’ve developed a business model that’s a little different to most UK vinyl soul reissuing labels. Where most of those labels specialise in seeking out, licensing and re-releasing long lost gems and/or in-demand contemporary soul cuts, the Soul Flip team reissue (mainly) classic and reasonably well known soul tunes. But (and it’s a biggish BUT) they offer those tunes in a new mix/edit – but not too different a mix  to the original – the boys  just add, maybe, a different kind of drum break, extend the intro, accentuate the hooks and/or add a few interjections … that sort of thing. They do it with humour and  love and the beauty of the original is still there for all to enjoy again!

Sample what the Soul Flippers do via their latest release – a lovely 7” that pairs Al Wilson’s perennial morality tale, ‘The Snake’ with Bobby Hebb’s ‘You Don’t Know What You Got Till You Lose It’. Neither stray too far from the originals. Al Wilson’s take on the Oscar Brown has always divided opinion but here it takes on a new lease of life. The Bobby Hebb tune, by the way, first  appeared on his original ‘Sunny’ album. It was recently featured on Smoove & Turrell’s ‘Northern Coal Experience’.

Both mixes are dubbed “the senior citizens mix” (they come courtesy of guest Greek mixers, rather than the core Soul Flip team) – see what I meant about humour (for sure we’re all getting on!) But that humour doesn’t lessen the Soul Flip team’s soul commitment – a quick glance at their logo will prove that – a clever pastiche of the Stax yellow finger-clicking trademark. Equally Soul Flip’s small but perfectly formed back catalogue proves their soul experience and passion. There’s classic Stax and Atlantic sounds (Aretha, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding), plenty of Motown (Marvin Gaye’s sublime version of ‘It’s Not Unusual), Northern (Joy Lovejoy), funk (James Brown) and a whole lot more, with all the classic and familiar cuts given just a little new colouring. Intriguing and interesting.

You can check out and enjoy the Soul Flip catalogue @ https://soulflip.bandcamp.com/

Thanks to Mark Turner’s “Soul Stutter” blog for pointing SJF towards Soul Flip. Check out his excellent, daily updated look at the world of indie soul (and more) @ https://soulstrutter.blogspot.com/