If you’re looking for some music to take you away from the trials and tribulations that seem to come thick and fast these days, may we point you a mini album/EP from the wonderfully named Danish music producer, STEEN THOTTRUP.

Our Mr T, though Scandinavian, spends his days in the Balearics… and why wouldn’t you! He’s been there, making music, for something like 30 years and the chill out tunes he’s crafted (inspired by the magical sunsets over Ibiza and Mallorca) have become mainstays in chill out bars and cafes throughout those wonderful islands… notably  the good ole Café Del Mar and the Buddha Bar.

His new mini set is simply called ‘5’  and it offers 7 tracks that go right back to the roots of Balearic electronica. It’s a classic downtempo journey with vocalists performing in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Amongst the tracks is a lovely ‘Summer of ‘91’ (the title sort of says it all doesn’t it?) while ‘My Balearic Soul’ is another potential Ibizan classic.

Steen Thottrup ‘5’ Album is out now via CandyBox Music.