Through the year we’ve been singing the praises of ERIC ROBERSON. He’s popped up all over the place guesting here and guesting there. Of course, there’s’ also been his own work – two of a promised three EPs that are the man’s oblique tribute to Earth Wind And Fire. Both EPs ‘Earth’ and ‘Wind’ were well received and defined what Neo/Nu Soul is currently all about and many commentators picked up on the Will Downing duet ‘Lyrics Of Pleasure’ as one of 2017’s best.

Now, as promised, Eric delivers the third instalment – ‘Fire’ –another excellent 8 tracker that maintains the momentum set up by ‘Earth’ and ‘Wind’. Musically, ‘Fire’ offers the same soundscape, but lyrically Eric takes a more political stance. It’s most obvious on ‘Slave Owners’ – a snappy collaboration with rapper Dwayne Jordan with wry comments on the Land Of The Free and the right to hope and dream. It’s powerful without being in-your-face didactic.

‘Leave The Door Open’ is another that on the surface is a modern soul dancer, but lyrically it poses some interesting questions … like “you’re looking good but what good are you actually doing”? ‘More Than Stars’ probes too… asking whether we know who we actually are and what we stand for, while ‘Love Is All That Matters’ speaks for itself.

Like ‘Earth’ and ‘Wind’, ‘Fire’ is proper modern soul music and it’s out right now, on Dome Records.