DJ RAE and NEIL PIERCE are two of London’s top house “names”. For the first time, the duo have just  collaborated on a track under the auspices of DJ Spen’s Quantize Records. Their tune is a luscious sweep simply called ‘Paradise’. Pierce is on top form at the controls while Ms Rae handles the vocals with flair, aplomb and a, sweet and soulful grace. Ziggy Funk handles the keys, while being Quantize, DJ Spen has a hand in the mix.

The tune comes in four mixes – the Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Vocal, the dub, a radio edit and the obligatory instrumental. We could say they all sound heavenly, but would we ever resort to such a cheap cliché!

‘Paradise’ is out now on Traxsource. Full release April 30th, 2021 on Quantize Recordings.