By common consent one of this year’s best UK soul albums is album ‘Colours’ from THE DOGGETT BROTHERS. A selection of singles and mixes has kept the momentum at max for the Great Yarmouth siblings, with the recent Mark di Meo mix of the LP’s title cut becoming a modern soul fave.

At the start of December – right on time for the big party season – the Doggetts are set to unleash another single from the set. This time it’s the KENNY THOMAS-vocalised ‘You Make Me Feel’ and it’s coming in a brand spanking new mix courtesy of Japanese producer Yuki ‘T-Groove’ Takashi.

Where the original was choppy with a jazzy undertow this ‘T-Groove’ mix is smoother, sweeter and totally dance floor friendly!

The Doggetts say: “We wanted a modern dance floor rework. Kenny’s super catchy hook, mixed in with a relentless soulful groove and some beautiful instrumentation. T-Groove was our perfect partner in crime on this one. His previous work with Cool Million and Laura Jackson got the thumbs up from us”.