Latest release from German rare soul label, TRAMP is a second volume in their ‘Can You Feel It?’ series. Like the first instalment, this 16/17 track set is stuffed with the rare and the esoteric from unknown names from all parts of the soul world, and, we’re told, that almost all the cuts are on CD for the very first time.

The collection is sub-titled ‘Modern Soul, Disco and Boogie 1976 – 84’, and yes, that’s the dominant mood with plenty of full on disco – some, like Cirt Gill and the Jam A Ditty Band (great name!) with the self-explanatory ‘Put The Music In Your Ear’ veering towards funk; some like the loping ‘Can You Feel It’ (for which the album is named) from Gangbusters recalling all the glitter ball glam of people like Sylvester!

For variety there’s a French number – Jeremy Power’s ‘Ombre De Plaisir’ and a German-originated instrumental, Ambros Seelos and his Orchestra’s smooth ‘In Orbit’.

Towards the end of the album, things get a little more mellow. Dancer’s ‘Dear Wendy’ is a lovely tune while Carolina Beach Music darlings The Fantastic Shakers offer a poppy ‘The Wrong Side Of Me’.

The extensive sleeve notes will tell you more and you’ll be able to get the album on double vinyl (first 400 copies come with that 17th track on a bonus 7″ single), CD and via download. It’ll be good to go from October 11th.