JEFF DARKO is an emerging British-Ghanaian neo-soul singer/songwriter making quite a name for himself in and around the capital’s soul and jazz clubs. On record he made his debut in 2021, receiving critical acclaim with the release of singles ‘Follow You’ and ‘Blue Skies’, followed by an EP ‘Strange Dreams’(2022). Last year saw the release of three more singles ‘Feel Alright’, ‘Better Love’ and ‘Give It Thought’.

Jeff’s latest offering is a beautiful “Quiet Storm” remix of ‘Feel Alright’. It’s perfect for lounge-lovers; laid back and soporific, it might just remind you of the great D’Angelo. The star of the show is Mr D’s distinctive, rich vocal.

If you’re in or around London at the end of the month  you can catch Jeff live at Hackney (London) venue Paper Dress Vintage. The show’s on Wednesday 7th February and the gig is being dubbed LAR “LAR LAND PRESENTS: A PSYCHEDELIC GOSPEL EXPERIENCE”. Jeff, you see, calls his music “psychedelic gospel” – but there’s nothing ““psychedelic” about the new mix of Feel Alright’. It’s simply a sweet and lovely, laid back slice of contemporary soul and, as you might guess, it comes recommended! Official release date is 21st February.

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