One of last year’s biggest soulful house tunes was ‘When You Feel What Love Has’. The cut came out of LENNY FONTANA’S famed KARMIC POWER RECORDS… always a guarantee of soul quality. But what made ‘When You Feel What Love Has’ really special was the remarkable vocal from soul star JAMES “D-TRAIN” WILLIAMS. The Brooklyn born soul man gave his all on the classic New York style dancer… little wonder, in its various mixes, the tune packed dance floors world-wide.

Anyway, ‘When You Feel What Love Has’ is now being re-promoted and the good news is that amongst the various mixes there’s one from DJ SPEN. Spen is a legend amongst the soulful house crew who know that his music emphasis is on the “soul” in “soulful”. His mix here is full of urgency and passion and, of course, he’s kept that fab D-Train vocal right up front!

‘When You Feel What Love Has’ (various mixes) is out right now and why not check out our interview archive to learn what D-Train feels about working with Lenny Fontana and Karmic Power!