Don’t know too much about ALTEREGO VIBE save that the fivesome (3 guys, 2 girls) hail from London and that they are currently promoting a new EP, ‘Home’. They describe their harmonic sound as a cool blend of Acid Jazz, Blue-Eyed Soul and R&B and if you investigate the two focus cuts… ‘More Than That’ and ‘A Place Called Home’ you may be forced to agree.

‘A Place Called Home’ has a gentle feel to it and there’s a subtle hint of nostalgia too – quite fitting the title and sentiment. ‘More Than That’ is sweet and laid back too but a tad tougher with a strong bass line that might recall Jamiroquai and/or Brand New Heavies. No wonder, Alterego Vibe number those two bands as big influences – alongside Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power.

ALTEREGO’S ‘Home’ EP is out now