(Jorge) SPITERI describes himself as “a 70’s London Disco fusion survivor“. In a rambling fashion he describes his experiences then thus: “I saw Grace (Jones, presumably) at the welcome party, down at Island Records St Peters square, It was the 70’s and the 60’s were gone and the 80’s were right on the door, straight out of New York, Studio 54, John Morales was arriving with a new sound…the sound of funky London was starting up and people were grooving the groovy sound…It was the power of Disco coming to life…”

Now he’s tried to put those memories/ideas onto record with the help of Los Charlys duo Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel. The result is an epic 6 minute plus disco romp – ‘POWER OF DISCO’ – that blends all kinds of everything…. Donna Summer, Sylvester, Giorgio Moroder… and more … it’s out on 28th February on Imagenes Records.