THE SOUL MOTIVATORS are a top Canadian soul and funk combo who specialize in classic 70s funk and soul with a nod to psychedelia . Their last full album was 2020’s ‘Do The Damn Thing’ . It was (mainly) uncomplicated, brassy, old school, raw funk with lead vocalist Shahi Teruko offering a take no prisoners stance throughout proceedings.

The Motivators have just launched a new album ‘Do It Together’ and it continues what ‘Do The Damn Thing’ started . That’s apparent from the  start with the crashing ‘Raise A Glass’  – hard -hitting and horny. ‘Power’, ‘Jim Nasty’ (an instrumental), ‘Everything’s Gonna a Be Alright’ and  ‘One For The Heads’ (another instrumental) offer more of the same . ‘Try’ is a little  more restrained. Here the influence   seems to be the music of the Hi studios – flowing brass work and a properly soulful vocal from Ms Teruko. It’s an album highlight offering some relief from the full frontal funk onslaught. Ditto, ‘It Is What It’ which came out as a single last December. It’s a little more “uptown”, an  uncomplicated, brassy, brash, old school soul workout with a Northern flavour

THE SOUL MOTIVATORS: Do It Together’ is out now via Do right Music.