Good news for fans of Aussie band, THE BAMBOOS. They’re setting up the release of a new album ‘Reel To Reel’ and this Friday, 24th February they’re launching the lead single…. ‘Midlife Glow’ . This one is something a little different and might surprise the abovementioned fans … you see, this ‘Midlife Glow’ is a generous slice of odd hip-hop with the band working a sort of neo-soul  groove behind US rapper OZAY MOORE. And we believe that the album will offer a lot more rap.

Band main man Lance Ferguson explains the logic behind the tune; “Hip Hop has been part of the DNA of The Bamboos from the very beginning and beyond. Whether deliberately dropping extended drum breaks into our tunes with DJs and producers in mind, or featuring MCs like Ohmega Watts, Lyrics Born, J-Live and Ty on our songs. It made total sense to devote a full-out release to show this side of our sound.”