Looking for  a new take on a classic dance track to add a little spice to your Christmas bash? OK – go straight to a new version of the Change/Luther gem. ‘Glow Of Love’. This new take is a  classy collaboration between Greek DJ/producer/ and man about soul DJ “S” and ever reliable UK soul stylist ANDRÉ ESPEUT .

DJ “S” has been on the scene  for more years than  he cares to remember and he’s a particular fan of dear Luther, while Andre needs no introduction here – he’s worked with all kinds of people (most notably Los Charly’s  Orchestra) while his own solo work is much sought after!

Now we know that ‘Glow’ has been covered multiple times but here  the duo put a new beatier, almost soulful house spin on the familiar song. Interesting and different and you can hear the twosome’s  experience in the music business in every beat and bar!  Learn more @ https://www.traxsource.com/title/2145214/glow-of-love