ERICK GREY is a US soul singer who’s working on an upcoming album on which he’s trying to fuse smooth jazz, R n B and neo-soul. Erick calls his hybrid “Rhythm and Chill”. You can check if he’s succeeded when he releases the album’s first single at the start of November and true to the “Rhythm and Chill” tag, the new song is called ‘Ice Cold’.

Erick says: “This song is a “true to life” composition of how my wife and I met, and subsequently wed. As a youth, I used an expression, “cold blooded”, to describe something that was “nice”, desirable, pleasing to the eyes, “cool”, etc. As the expression goes, “What’s cooler than cool?” “Ice Cold!” So, that was the inspiration behind the song.”

You can find out more @ www.erickgrey.com