Always good to have new music from everyone’s favourite contemporary soul man, CORNELL CC CARTER, especially when it’s as classy and as his new, upcoming single, ‘Change’. The song, co-authored by Cornell with Kirk Crumpler, is an easy-on-the-ear soul roller built from all the components that make modern/contemporary soul so attractive. It’s a proper, foot tapper, head nodder and hip swayer! The star of the show though, as ever, is Mr C’s effortless soul vocal, the quality of which reminds you of why he’s not only currently lauded but why, in days  gone by, he was the go to session man for all kinds of “names” – notably his friend and mentor Narada Michael Walden.

We believe that the single’s release is to flag up a new album. We also believe that the vinyl’s B side is Cornell’s collaboration with Brian Power, ‘Sometimes’. This lovely little package will be good to go March 1st via Expansion. Pre-orders being taken now!