The oddly named Aussie band the SUGAR FED LEOPARDS have been making music since 2013 and are working on a new album (their third), ‘Love Be In It’ (set for April 19th release). We’ve already had one single, a poppy, disco-slanted thing, ‘Need You Know’ which actually told a harrowing tale – a devastating 1930 flood in an Aussie gold mining town!

The new single ‘T.Y.O.T. (Take You Out Tonight)’ delivers a similar disco-lite sound but the message in the music isn’t anywhere near as drastic. In fact, it’s, in the band’s own words: “an ode to disco lights, bar hopping, sweaty dancefloors and making potentially dumb decisions with your mates!” The music matches – simple, catchy femme vocal, jazzy keys, soulful sax break and steady beats. Out now!