Def Mix end the year on the highest of high notes with another DAVID MORALES/JANICE ROBINSON collaboration…. ‘Father’. The follow-up to their wonderful ‘There Must Be Love’, ‘Father’ offers a solid, hugely optimistic cross-genre groove…. it’s gospel, it’s soulful house, it’s modern soul, it’s uplifting! And unbelievably, or maybe not, it’s incorporates ‘The Lord’s Prayer’!

DM delivers the beats and the vibe while Ms R’s vocals tingle the spine in the way that only Gospel divas can. Want more? Well, the lady’s supported by a huge choir that features people like Nicki Richards, Keith Anthony Fluitt, Melonie Daniels Walker, Kenny Bobien, Carl Robinson, Nicole Phifer and South Africa’s sensation, Toshi.

There are five mixes to tempt you…. including one from Quentin Harris. Dubbed “the Crimson Sector Drum Dub’, it’s a heavy affair. I’d venture to suggest that old soul heads will connect more with the two Morales “Classic” club mixes – one of which clocks in at over 11 wonderful minutes. Soulful house doesn’t come any better than this! For that matter, modern gospel don’t come any better either!

‘Father’ is released on December 15th 2017 on Def Mix Music.