If you fancy something a little different to your avenge dance sounds to ease you through the rest of this fab summer you may want to check out a new EP from Norwegian duo DE FANTASTISKE TO.

The pair are self proclaimed analogue junkies but their analogue is not the analogue of the real “old days”. Rather, their sound is rooted in the use of retro synths channelling a classic 90’s house fusion.

Make up your own minds after grabbing a listen to their ‘Saharaball EP’ – four hard-hitting electro cuts with the Yan Who mix being the only one that really hits the spot here at SJF…. kind of 80s electro disco with an intermittent, ethereal vocal. File under “interesting”.

De Fantastiske To: ‘Saharaball EP’ (incl. Yam Who? and Alinka Remixes) out now on Black Riot Records