Last autumn, English-born, Australian-raised singer-songwriter DAISY HICKS made a comeback of sorts with the lovely single ‘I Choose You’. In its original format the song was a sombre but plaintive ballad; it re-emerged in two different versions – a “Ruff Diamond” mix that upped the tempo to danceable and a “Curious” mix. Soul buffs will know that “Curious” is a brand of DJ/producer/ performer Sir Piers and Sir P is behind Daisy’s latest release….. ‘The Fall’.

The cut is a catchy little outing to which Piers brings a set of tricky but danceable beats. To confuse the issue (maybe) there’s also a Brian Powers mix and in honesty there’s’ not a lot to choose between them.

It’s not soul as we know it, Jim; (nothing like her great 2000 treatment of ‘Sweetest Feeling’)…. indeed Daisy comes on here like a sweet Stevie Nicks. Yep, ‘The Fall’ is more Radio 2 than Soul Weekender but it has its own peculiar charm and it’s good to go from June 29th (Traxsource from June 15th) on Daisy Hicks Music.