ALANNA ROYALE is (or was?) a Memphis based band fronted by the smooth, soulful tones of Alanna Quinn-Broadus. She’s supported  by guitarist Jared Colby and bassist Gabriel Golden who themselves are supported by a revolving crew of musicians – what they have in common is their desire to craft “classic-minded R&B and soul music for the modern age”.

Decide for yourself if they succeed or not by investigating their latest single – a delightful, old school, soul throwback, ‘Fall In Love Again’ which, just to confuse matters, seems to be a solo effort from Ms Broadus who bills now herself “Alanna Royale”… that’s what the artwork and the PR material suggests anyway.

But that’s not important, what matters is the quality of the music, and it is, simply, a wonderful take on classic soul – specifically the sound of Hi (in their gentler moments). The track was produced by Kelly Finnegan and is out now on Colemine Records – two more reasons to encourage investigation. Both Finnegan and the label know a thing or two about retro soul. Recommended.