SANDY RIVERA is a real soulful-dance super star. Whether working under his own name or using the KINGS OF TOMORROW moniker his productions and mixes have dominated the dance floors (and charts) for nigh on 15 years …and it’s as KINGS OF TOMORROW that he’s just unleashed his latest single – ‘Fall For You’. Featuring the soulful vocals of long time collaborator APRIL MORGAN, the tune’s set to become one of the big summer anthems – with its “daydreaming” inspired lyrics, it’s perfect for those lazy, crazy sunny days… you know, just down-tempo enough but with a magical, walking bass line to keep the head nodding and the feet tapping.

The tune comes in a neat radio edit but most will want SANDY’S classic, long mix while as ever there’s also an instrumental version. The track’s B-side is the subtly darker ‘It’s Only You’ on which APRIL’S in fine, wailing form.

THE KINGS OF TOMORROW ‘FALL FOR YOU’ is out now on Defected Records.