Back in May, we hugely recommended a new album from a new US soul man – RAI. Rai is a little enigmatic and we learned little about him save that his LP – ‘Love’s On The Way’ was/is a mighty fine modern soul album. It reminded us of people like Howard Hewett, Marvin Gaye, and Donny Hathaway and from more recent times, Maxwell. Stand out cuts are the title tune, the 60s/70s harmony group flavoured ‘You’re Al I Need’, the jaunty ‘Priceless’ and the finger-clickingly good ‘Save Yourself’.

After a slow start, the album is now taking off and savvy jocks (radio and live) are cherry picking their faves for out consumption. Tune that seems to be winning out at the moment is the sprightly mid-tempo ‘Fall Back’… well worth investigating, especially if you’re a fan of Maxwell.. Do yourself a big favour, though, check out the whole album!