The recent album ‘Out Of The Box’ by Lori Williams was acclaimed right across the board. The long player had production input and keyboard playing from the wonderful BOB BALDWIN and now Lori returns the favour by working with Bob on his own new release… a 12 track tribute to an unknown 60s band called The Beatles (never heard of ’em!)

Bob’s long player, released on City Sketches, is called ‘Abbey Road’ – but it’s not a remake of the mop tops’ album of that name; rather it’s Mr B’s interpretations of 11 Beatle songs alongside one Baldwin tune, called ‘Abbey Road’. And if we’re going to be pedantic, two of the “Beatle songs” weren’t by the Beatles as a foursome. ‘My Love’ was actuality a Paul McCartney solo cut and ‘Imagine’ – well, you know!

Not that that matters ‘cos what we have is lovely, smooth jazz/soul celebration of pop’s greatest band (no arguments)

Lori Williams, by the way, is the featured vocalist on ‘My Love’ and the aforementioned ‘Abbey Road’ which gets to name several of the best Beatles’ tunes. Album highlights include Ce Ce Peniston’s vocalised version of ‘Fool On The Hill’ – very much in the vein of EWF and the Euge Groove sax-led take on ‘Imagine’. Don’t know what John Lennon would make of it but soul and jazz fans will love it… and the whole album!