RALPH TEE’S Expansion Records ends the year with a great pair of collectable “twofers”…. you know, two full LPs on one great CD….

First up there’s two albums from Memphis band, KWICK. The sets in question were both recorded in the early 80s and are an eponymous 8 tracker and ‘To The Point’. The group were originally called THE NEWCOMERS and under that moniker worked for Stax but after the demise of the legendary imprint they changed to KWICK and signed with EMI America. Expansion have been motivated to license the albums because of the popularity of the KWICK cut ‘Nightlife’- a funky, bumpy groove that has been big on both the Northern and Modern soul scenes. Other goodies include ‘Can’t Help Myself’, ‘I Want To Dance With You’ and ‘We’re Saying Goodbye Again’.



hfExpansion’s second “twofer” comes from HIGH FASHION and pairs the group’s 1982 LP ‘Feelin’ Lucky’ with ’83’s ‘Make Up Your Mind’. (Both EMI America). HIGH FASHION were a short-lived funk/dance trio that featured the wonderful MELISA MORGAN and was the brainchild of European producer JACQUES FRED PETRUS. MORGAN isn’t the only source of interest here: KASHIF also makes an appearance on 3 songs and produces 2 of the tracks too (most notably ‘Hold On’). Both albums have been out of print for many years and 80s collectors are encouraged to investigate pronto.