There’s many a soul buff who appreciates the melodic harmony work of country and pop duo THE EVERLY BROTHERS and when Don and Phil split up to pursue their own careers much of their solo work had a distinctive blue-eyed soul feel.

Reissue label, Morello have just released two PHIL EVERLY albums as a “twofer”. They are 1974’s ‘There’s Nothing Too Good For My Baby’ and ‘Mystic Line’ from the following year. Both were recorded in England with Terry Slater as co-producer and with backing from the cream of the then UK session scene.

The 23 tracker is stuffed with polished, classy pop with a blue-eyed soul undertow, typified by the ballad ‘Goodbye Line’. It would be interesting to know, though what die hard Everly fans make of the reggae-infused version of the classic ‘When Will I Be Loved’.