Earlier this year Sed Soul/Cool Million’s ROB HARDT turned a few heads when he released a single that was a departure from the modern soul sounds you usually associate with Sed Soul. It was an old  school  rap track,  ‘Good Time For A Good Time’ featuring young US rapper JULISA. It was energetic and lively and Rob made no excuses – he loves the power and positivity of hip hop.

Despite a little criticism from the conservative soul brigade, Rob went on to work a remix from “Monsieur Willy’ and now, just  for fun, he says, Rob has put together more new mixes of ‘Good Time For A Good Time’. The most ear-catching is what Mr H dubs “the Looking Up To You very unofficial mix” .

There’s a couple of clues in that title. Yes, clever old Rob uses the familiar sample from Michael Wycoff’s ‘Looking Up To You’ to make the track really catchy but, he readily admits, the sample hasn’t been  cleared! So, right now  the mix is totally unofficial; it’s not openly available.

Rob though is sending it out to DJs and other tastemakers as a kind of thank you for supporting him and , I guess, to test the water. If he gains plenty of support – who know, he might go ahead and license the sample and make the wonderful mix readily available. We hope so!