Powerhouse, supercharged LA-based JUDITH HILL is putting the finishing touches to a new album, ‘Letters From A Black Widow’, (above) which will be released on 19th April via Regime Music Group. We’re told that The 12 song record presents a riveting story – from private pain to communal transcendence – and, her team say, it’s Ms Hill’s most soul-bearing work to date

We’ll have to wait and see but the if the album’s lead single is anything to go by, then maybe the PR hype is right. The new track is a powerful ‘Flame’. Lyrically the song confronts darkness and pain with a telling revelation about Hill’s inner reserves: ‘Give me chaos and give me pain/but you can never kill my flame.’ Sonically, ‘Flame’ is  incendiary (see what we did there!) with a good ‘ole Southern  rocky/soul feel…  think Delaney and Bonnie…think riffing guitars… think big vocals…  think Muscle Shoals at its toughest! Out now!