‘Are You Getting Enough’ is the latest single from rising UK soul star NATALIE DUNCAN. In its original iteration it’s a classy, mid-tempo soul beater with on point vocals that really deliver  the message in the music. Natalie says: “I wrote this song quite a few years ago now. I love harmony and I’m obsessed with chords, I’m on a never-ending journey with harmony and this song is a tiny exploration into that. I get a bit carried away with the synths towards the end! In my mind, this song has a lot of pop sensibilities. It is ‘light’ in mood and has a catchy vocal line at the end that repeats in a way that suggests a family or a group, singing in unison. The lyrics are about a girlfriend of mine who was caught in a toxic relationship. She’s addicted to the drama and all he ever does ultimately has hurt her.” Now you know… enough is enough!

The track also comes in an alternative mix courtesy of The Degrees (Isha Campbell and Charlie Bierman). You probably know that the Degrees and Natalie share the same label – Goldie’s Fallen Tree 1Hundred. The remix adds tighter, crisper beats and offers a subtly different, more clubby  vibe though it’s not radically different to the original tweak.  Both recommended!