Just last month we reviewed a retrospective collection on the lovely REGINA BELLE and regretted the fact that she doesn’t record too much these days. Well as if to prove us wrong Regina (now an ordained pastor) has just released a new single – a stirring, conscience-provoking, ‘Freedom’.

Regina tells us that ‘Freedom’ (with input from a full gospel choir, life coach Iyanla Vanzant and Bishop Kenneth W. Paramore) “offers inspirational commentary on the political and moral climate found currently at home and abroad. The song is a tribute to our ongoing fight for social justice in light of political turmoil, racial strife, and despair.”

Ms Belle wrote and produced the song with Chris Walker, her long-time music partner, and collaborator, and has released it on her newly formed independent record label, Tashi III Entertainment.

Not really a comeback song, ‘Freedom’ clearly means a lot to Regina: “In terms of my consciousness about black and brown people, that’s always going to be a place that resonates with me. This song is part of my bloodstream more than I know. There are some things I’m not going to wait on the government to do. I’m going to do it myself. ‘Freedom’ reflects that message, it’s not just the freedom of what someone gives you the right to do, but it’s also freeing your mind to believe who you are, it starts there. This song is a great representation and reflection of the work that our ancestors have done.”