It was back in March when we were totally intrigued by a tune from up and coming singer / songwriter of Russian-British heritage, MAXINE SCOTT. We say “tune” but there were actually 5 on an EP – different mixes of a song simply called ‘Eryka U Bad’. And yes, the tune , in all its tweaks, invoked the spirit of Ms B – an atmospheric hybrid of 90’s R&B, Nujazz and neo-soul. It was laid back and other worldly, hypnotic even.

Maxine now follows up with more laid back neo-soul/nu jazz,  ‘Ya Energy’. This one is a collaboration with enigmatic UK Beats creator, Alf.E and, though, different to ‘Erykah U Bad’ it mines the same gentle, soporific, late summer, poolside vibe. Cocktails anybody?

The tune comes in its original version, a North Street West mix (courtesy of the usual suspects Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris and Jo Wallace who add more sultry tones), a dub and the obligatory instrumental.

‘Ya Energy’ (Incl. North Street West Remix) out now via Ramrock