Back in June, we enthused about an unpretentious, optimistic soul jam, ‘Go Live The Fun Life’ from writer, producer, saxophonist, musician and vocalist VINCE BROOMFIELD (scion of Florida’s famed musical Broomfield clan).

As we said that was June and since then Vince has been putting together an EP  to build on the success of the tune. Sadly, just as Mr B was about to launch the mini album, ‘Elevations’, Hurricane Ian smashed into Florida, leaving Vince’s and every other Floridians’ plans in tatters.

We’ve heard that, thankfully, Vince is OK and he’s just managed to get the ‘Elevations’ EP out and, fingers crossed, it might bring him some much needed joy amidst the devastation. And why shouldn’t it? The four tracker is full of optimism and joy as typified by the included single ‘Go Live The Fun Life’. That one, you’ll remember, advised us  to go out there and grab life by the you know whats! Still sounds good! As does the upbeat ‘Everything’s Still Copasetic’ (hope so), the more mid-tempo ‘Go Light It Up’ and the slower  ‘I Want You So Bad’. All four cuts are well-above average contemporary soul cuts showcasing Vince’s lithe vocals and  his sensuous sax playing. Recommended and out now, digitally.