L.A. based soulstress   H’ATINA  impressed the soul community with her 2020 single, ‘Journey’ and the later album, ‘Authentically Me’. The music was  a sweet mix of laid back neo soul with a smooth jazz undertow. Earlier this year H’Atina released a new single, ‘Be Mine’. A “message” song (know what you want, who you want, and make it happen!), it proffered a  soundscape that was mellow, soulful and sophisticated.

The lovely ‘Be Mine’ is a focus track on H’Atina’s latest EP – ‘ELEMENTS OF A REAL MAN’. The three other cuts are the balladic ‘So High’, a gentle, tuneful ‘Impossible’ and the title track which is sensitive and intimate  allowing Ms H’Atina to show her vocal prowess. Out now and recommended.