‘Soundtrack From Electric Black’ is the upcoming album from the JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET – and he tells us that the album is, for him, the realisation of a dream…. a big budget album, inspired by some of his musical heroes – the great movie composers like Bernard Hermann, Lalo Schifrin, John Barry and, of course, Quincy Jones.

‘Electric Black’ isn’t actually a movie (as far as we know). It’s more a concept; putatively –a kind of 70s, tough, gritty police psychological/action thing with Taylor providing the score. So, expect dark sinister tunes, hard hitting chase effects, lush love music and even jet-setting, high rolling evocations.

The album will be released on Audio Network on 30th November. In the meantime, the JTQ alongside a full orchestra will premier the music as part of the EFG London jazz Festival at the Cadogan Hall on November 21st.