JEF KEARNS  is a Canadian flautist whose mission statement is to show that the flute can be just as soulful as what he calls “the down and dirt sax”. To that end he’s a couple of albums and a slew of singles and EPs to his name.

Jef’s gearing up to release a new single to maintain his crusade and his choice of material is a brave one. Mr K has decided to cover the Jackson 5’s iconic ‘ABC’!

On the track the vocal’s taken by ARIA ZENUA who doesn’t stray too far from little MJ’s original take, Indeed the whole production and arrangement is totally respectful to the Motown original. What is different is Jef’s mellifluous flute lines tracking the soulful vocal.

This new, different ‘ABC’ will be good to go from September 29th. File under “interesting” and learn more @ https://jefkearns.com/

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