‘Earthling’ is a new single from a hard to categorize band, THE PARACOSMOS. (above) The nucleus of the band consists of Jonathan LP and Joe Nichols. For recording and playing at larger venues they’re joined by bassist Stefan Celosia and drummer Peru Eizagirre and between them they craft an odd sound that blends jazz, folk, funk and rock into an intriguing cosmic sound which, as we’ve just said, hard to categorize.

You might get a glimpse of where the band are coming from via their sort of defining statement: “Behind the door of that lonely house you see from your window, past the garden wall you hoped to climb before you were too old, under the bed where you kept all your monsters and all your dreams—there you might find a place called The Paracosmos. Each of us here came from a faraway place. We read your books and learned your language, and my – how we love your songs. In the hidden groves of your lives and journeys, we found room to tell stories in music. It was old music, played by bards and fairytellers of times long past.”

So for sure the music of the Paracosmos isn’t “traditional” in any way, shape or form, but there is a sort of ghostly, ethereal attraction to the lengthy (8 minutes plus) of ‘Earthling’ …maybe we could call it jazz-folk-funk! One the tune’s attractions is input from UK song bird, Linda Lewis who offers her own take on bvs. ‘Earthling’ is out now via Tangential  Music.