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Over the last couple of years DURAND JONES and his band  THE INDICATIONS have built up a huge following amongst the soul cognoscenti and little wonder! On albums like ‘American Love Call’ and ‘Private Space’ they proffered a quite lovely take on classic soul – albeit with a 21st century twist.

For his  latest project, however, Mr Jones is stepping away from the Indications for a solo album… ‘Wait Till I Get Over’ – due in May via Dead Oceans. (above). In “going solo”, he’s following the examples of other band members like drummer Aaron Frazer and keyboardist Steve Okonski.

Durand’s people tell us that his solo long player is a deeply personal affair – indeed a reflection on Jones’ relationship to his hometown of Hillaryville, La., a town first established as a form of reparations to previously enslaved Black Americans. They add that the album grapples with his desire to leave the complicated town and his urge to honour his roots.

Sounds intriguing, and that intrigue is manifest in the album’s first single that’s just won release. It’s ‘Lord Have Mercy’ (above) and it sounds very different to anything we’ve heard before from Jones and his band. It’s rough and tough, rocky even with a hint of country soul about the guitar work. Jones’ voice is as striking as ever, betraying his background in Gospel. ‘Lord Have Mercy’ is eclectic and provocative for sure – as is the rest of the album , or so were told.

Make up your own minds via our “one to watch” video box (right or bottom of your screen depending on your device) where we present the video  for ‘Lord Have Mercy’.  Directed by McCray Sutherlin and Will Niava, the video cuts back and forth between footage of the rural swamps of Louisiana from present day and from the 1920s, capturing the generational struggle of the people of Hillaryville from Jones’ time and from that of his grandmother’s. Powerful stuff!

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